(EDGE) A Texas-style anti-transgender law hit the national stage last month with the introduction of The Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017 (HR 2796). 

The House of Representatives bill, which purports to "repeal executive overreach," was introduced by Texas GOP Pete Olson and aims to roll back transgender rights by prohibiting the word "sex" or "gender" from meaning anything other than "man" or "woman."

Right up front in the second paragraph of its summary, HR 2796 is unapologetically anti-transgender, stating: 

"No federal civil rights law shall be interpreted to treat gender identity or transgender status as a protected class, unless it expressly designates "gender identity" or "transgender status" as a protected class."

And while the Trump administration did as much earlier this year by rolling back Obama-era protections for transgender students, it apparently wasn't enough to mollify Republicans like Olson. 

The bill, which was introduced in House on June 7, has four co-sponsors-all Republican. Reps. Babin (TX), Lee (LA), Hartzler (MO) and Franks (AZ) have all put their support behind the bill. All representatives have an anti-LGBT voting record according to HRC's Congressional Scorecard.

The bill has also gained the support of Mat Staver, founder of the anti-LGBT hate group Liberty Counsel. In a statement released by his organization on Tuesday, Staver praised the bill has being "the most permanent and comprehensive response to the special radical LGBT rights agenda."

"The Civil Rights Uniformity Act would ensure that policies which affect the privacy and safety of women and girls are no longer reshaped to meet the demands of the special LGBT rights agenda," the hate group mouthpiece continued.. "The terms 'sex' and 'gender' refer to objective biology, not the subjective, self-professed 'gender identity' as the Obama administration tried to push in all federal anti-discrimination statutes."