It seems like irony is everywhere these days. A Republican in North Dakota missed his anti-vax rally because he caught COVID.

Jeff Hoverson, North Dakota’s state representative, was set to hold an anti-vax rally in Minot Nov. 8, but couldn’t attend because he was too sick, according to the Hill Reporter.

He wrote on his Facebook that he is “currently quarantining” and that “each day is getting better.”

“Thank you, brave soul, for getting me Ivermectin, which now with COVID, I am able to stay out of the hospital. COVID is real and like a really bad flu…”

Instead of praising the use of vaccines, Hoverson praised the use of Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic that is generally administered to animals.

Although Ivermectin is approved for both humans and animals, the FDA has no data on the drug’s use as a COVID treatment, according to the New York Post. In fact, the FDA says that animal drugs are “concentrated at levels that can be highly toxic for humans.”

Hoverson helped organize the “We the People” rally that took place at North Dakota’s capital building to protest President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, the Bismarck Tribune reported.

They also encouraged state lawmakers to support certain bills to redraw legislative districts and spend federal COVID-19 aid.

The protesters wore red, white and blue T-shirts, carried American flags and held signs with messages criticizing vaccine mandates and Biden.

Four Minot-area Republican District Chairs organized the rally, according to the Bismarck Tribune. It featured speeches from legislators and district leaders, and a performance by Blind Joe, a Fargo native who promotes an anti-mandate song on social media. Conservative radio show host Chris Berg was the emcee.

District 40 GOP Chairman Jay Lundeen, the rally’s organizer, said the rally's purpose was "simply to express that we the people feel like we're not being heard," the Bismarck Tribune reported. It was described as a peaceful protest.

Since early August, seven anti-vaccine conservatives have died from COVID, including a Florida Republican official: Marc Bernier, Phil Valentine, Jimmy DeYoung, Dick Farrel, Tod Tucker, Jimmy DeYoung, Sr., and Gregg Prentice.