Is God a man? Or a woman? Or neither? Or both? Humans may never truly know the answer to that. But the Church of Sweden recently decided their God is going gender-neutral.

“God is not human,” Archbishop Antje Jackelén told Sweden’s TT News Agency. “God is beyond our gender determinations.”

The Evangelical Lutheran church came to the decision last week during a church body meeting, where they also decided that they would make revisions to their handbook to include gender-neutral language.

Moving forward when referencing the higher power, the church clergy will be asked to use “God,” instead of “Lord,” or “He/Him/His,” pronouns. The decision has been met with some backlash and criticism from church members who disagreed.

“It really isn’t smart if the Church of Sweden becomes known as a church that does not respect the common theology heritage,” Christer Pahlmblad, an associate theology professor at Sweden’s Lund University, told the Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper, in Denmark.

The policy takes effect May 20.