Pigs are flying and hell is freezing over. 2014 is starting off with a bang as the global LGBT community may be gaining an extremely unlikely ally.

Conservative pundit and former Fox News host Glenn Beck made some surprising comments this week when speaking to CNN’s S.E. Cupp regarding Russia’s treatment of its LGBT community.

As the Huffington Post reports, Beck first started to criticize the media’s coverage of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s remarks about Santa Claus’ race and of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson’s comments linking being gay to bestiality.

Beck said the media should be focusing the attention on bigger issues, like the highly controversial anti-gay laws in Russia.

"Do you know what happened last week in Russia?" asked Beck. "One of their biggest stars on television said that homosexuals should be put into the ovens alive. I didn’t think you could make the Holocaust worse, but he’s like ’Why the gas chamber? That seems a little too humane. Let’s put them alive in the ovens.’"

Beck was referring to Russia actor Ivan Okhlobystin who made waves last month for his violent comments against LGBT people.

"I myself would shove all live gays into a furnace," Okhlobystin, 47. "This is Sodom and Gomorrah, I as a believer in God can not treat this indifferently, this is a live threat to my kids!... I do not want my kids to think that faggots are normal. This is lavender fascism. If a person cannot choose someone of an opposite sex for procreation -- this is an overt sign of mental abnormality, so they should be denied of voting rights."

Beck went on to say that he actually supports GLAAD and, like other celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Cher, Tilda Swinton, Madonna and Elton John, stands firmly against Russia’s "homosexual propaganda" measures.

"I said on the air this week, I will stand with GLAAD," continued Beck. "I will stand with anybody who will stand up and say that’s crazy. That’s dangerous. That’s hetero-fascism. That’s what that is. And we’re talking about ’Duck Dynasty.’ Really? Really?"

Watch Beck talking to Cupp below:

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