(EDGE) A gender-neutral bathroom in a Portland, Ore. high school was vandalized with gay slurs earlier and violent death threats last month, The Oregonian reports.

Someone wrote the following message, aimed at LGBT students, in the gender-neutral bathroom at Grant High School: "The fagots [sic] who use this restroom are going to burn in hell. Your gay ass is gonna get shot."

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Principal Carol Campbell told the newspaper the graffiti was "hurtful" and said she's been reassuring students who may feel threatened by the message.

"Any time there is vandalism in our schools it is hurtful, especially when directed at a particular group of students," Campbell told The Oregonian. "We are investigating this internally, and we are meeting with any students who may feel threatened by this and reassuring them that they are welcome at Grant."

Some questioned why families weren't notified about the graffiti earlier and Grant High School student Callie Quinn-Ward took to Facebook to say: "I am disgusted that a classmate of mine would write this. How are other queer students and I supposed to go to class knowing that the person sitting by us may think that we would be better off dead? I can't claim that this graffiti came as a complete shock.

"Grant administration and many self-proclaimed 'allies' like to think that our school is 'progressive' and accepting of the queer community, but this is not an isolated incident," she added. "Almost everyday, I and others hear homophobic slurs as we go about our daily routine."

The incident came not long after the Trump administration announced it rescinded an Obama-era decision that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Days before the vandalism, Portland Public Schools Interim Superintendent Bob McKean sent a letter to families, saying the president's attempt to curb trans students' rights wouldn't impact Portland Public Schools' stance or Oregon law, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity, according to The Oregonian.

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"We each have a role in ensuring that all students, including those who are transgender, can learn and succeed in school without fear of bullying, harassment or isolation," McKean reportedly wrote. "If you suspect or witness any behavior that runs counter to our values of equity and inclusion for all, please report it immediately to a school leader or to the central office."

A similar act of vandalism occurred last month at a gender-neutral bathroom in the Rhode Island School of Design. The Associated Press reported someone made anti-Semitic graffiti "out of human waste." Students said they found a swastika in the bathroom.