Intolerance hit a new low last week in the form of an opinion piece and social media post by a former high school football coach and self-proclaimed "Christian activist," who after attending a gay Pride parade in Missouri, stated that gay adults are better off dead and that God hates both the sin and the sinner.

After attending the annual gay Pride march in Springfield, Missouri, last month, Coach Dave Daubenmire took his vitriol online in an opinion piece published on the far right wing "Christian" website News With Views titled "Would Jesus Go to A Homosexual Parade" complete with photos he presumably took himself.

"I just returned home with a group of hearty men from witnessing at the Homosexual Pride Parade in Springfield, Missouri." Daubenmire writes. "As usual, I was heartbroken by the age of those who have been captured by the ’lifestyle.’ Take a look at these photos. Notice the young souls parading their sin in the public streets [..] These are somebody’s daughters. I wonder if their Mom’s and Dad’s hearts’ are broken too?"

Daubenmire then took aim at the adults at the parade by paraphrasing the biblical verse Matthew 18:6 by saying, "It would have been better for these adults had they been drowned with a millstone around their necks than having mislead one of these little ones."

After claiming that homosexuality is "gobbling up our young kids," Daubenmire takes a hard right turn into Crazy Town, indirectly berating Pope Francis for his famous "who am I to judge" comment.

It never fails that our greatest critics are the ’who-are-you-to-judge-Christians who think speaking the truth to sinners is hate. The fruit of the public schools is on display for all to see. Very few Christians, especially under the age of 30, think that homosexuality is a sin, or they believe that all sins are the same. If all sins were the same, why are there different penalties for more egregious sins? Why is murder a death penalty but lying ignored? If all sins were the same shouldn’t all liars get the death penalty?

As if in an attempt to one-up himself and set a new insanity record, Daubenmire then departs from the mainstream hardline "Christian" love the sinner, hate the sin policy.

Love the sinner, hate the sin, Brother Dave, most Christians tell me. Except that is a lie. "God hates all workers of iniquity." It is the sinner He hates...not just the sin. It is the soul...the sinner and not the sin...that gets cast into the lake of fire."

According to the Encyclopedia of American Loons, Daubenmire came to the public eye in the late 1990’s when while working as a high school football coach he was sued by the ACLU for coercing his players to pray. The case resulted in a court order for Daubenmire to stop leading religious activities at school. The school board paid an $18,000 settlement.

Post-coaching, Daubenmire built a new career on telling people how his first amendment rights were violated by the Constitution, and on running the ministry he founded, Pass the Salt Ministries. He also runs something called "Minutemen united", a group of people who disrupt church services to proclaim their anti-gay stance. He also advocates revolution to obliterate the distinction between church and state.

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