If you read the Daily Beast you’d get the impression gay Trump supporters are having regrets, with their recent article: “Trump’s Gay Backers No Longer See Him as the Great Straight Hope.”

But if you read Buzzfeed you’ll come to the opposite conclusion with their article “Here's How Gay Republicans Are Brushing Off Trump's Latest Anti-LGBT Attacks.”

So who’s right? Probably both.

LGBT conservatives have long had to walk a very fine line when it comes to elected Republicans. Attack too much and they’ll be entirely dismissed by Republicans. But don’t attack enough, and they’ll be seen as being complicit when it comes to the anti-gay policies and positions many in the Republican Party hold. “Pick your battles” takes on a whole new meaning for them in the Trump era.

According to the Daily Beast, Chris Barron, a longtime conservative gay-rights activist, still believes in Trump, but not the people he’s put in charge of his agencies.

“My concern has always been what happens at the department and agency levels. And I definitely have concerns with what is going on at Department of Justice,” the article reads.

Barron is also the founder of the LGBTers for Trump group.

Buzzfeed interviewed Barron as well, where he makes similar statements.

Buzzfeed also interviews Lucian Wintrich, who ran a project called Twinks for Trump and now writes for the far right website Gateway Pundit.

“The war on the LGBT community is just as fictitious as all of the phantom Nazis that seem to haunt your dreams,” he told BuzzFeed. “The media is overhyping it.”

But according to the Daily Beast, another gay conservative, Jimmy LaSalvia, is having second thoughts about Trump.

“I never thought that Donald Trump was an anti-gay homophobe. I certainly didn’t think that when I met him back in 2011. But we’ve all learned a lot about who he really is since then. With his political pandering and posturing to endear himself to the intolerant wing of the GOP over the last few years, it doesn’t surprise me that this administration will go down as the most anti-LGBT in history.”

LaSalvia is the co-founder of the now defunct group, GOProud.

According to Buzzfeed, Gregory T. Angelo, who runs the Log Cabin Republicans, earlier this year called Trump a “real friend.” Buzzfeed quotes Angelo as saying “I am all for calling out Republicans when they do anti-gay things. In fact, it’s my job."

Despite that statement though the Trump administration has issued many anti-LGBT decisions including the now infamous transgender military ban.

Angelo now tells Buzzfeed: "I can't tell you anything has changed since spring. I believe we largely are where we were at the beginning of the president's term."

Peter Boykin, who’s in charge of Gays for Trump, according to Buzzfeed, also still support his man. And even supports Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I met Jeff Sessions, and I don’t think he’s a transphobe or anti-gay. But I still think that Jeff Sessions in a pinch will support us. It is a pro-LGBT administration.”

Boykin, like many other gay conservatives, have individual positions on specific LGBT issues. Boykin doesn’t support the administration defending a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. But to some extent does support Trump’s transgender military ban.

Whereas Wintrich does support defending that baker because “The administration is sending power back to the free market.”

Locally the gay Republican reaction to Trump is about the same – all over the place.

When Trump didn’t proclaim June as Pride Month, Vincent Foster, president of the Miami-Dade Log Cabin Republicans, pivoted from Trump to Pride saying the events were “just acts and overt displays of sexual indulgence” with people “tossing condoms and lube out” and men in “assless chaps.”

He continued: “It’s debauchery. It really makes our community look terrible. I don’t think that it’s significant at all that President Trump did not recognize Pride Month. As a gay conservative, I think Pride does more damage to our community than anything positive. It does nothing to promote our rights.”

While Andy Eddy, a founding member of the Broward Log Cabin Republican Club, said he would have liked Trump to have celebrated Pride, but wasn’t “terribly upset.”

SFGN also polled local Republicans on their reaction to Roy Moore, an openly anti-gay Republican, winning the Alabama Republican primary.

Foster proclaimed: “I definitely would have voted for him if I were a resident of Alabama.”

But Former Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who now lives in Palm Beach County, took a harder line against Moore’s position saying, “It troubles me when any human being who claims to believe in a just and Christian nation can make such ugly and disparaging remarks about any living soul. As a gay man, it’s abhorrent to me that in 2017 such comments would still be made. It alarms me that people would applaud his rhetoric.”

While Eddy walks a finer line saying “The problem is that some of his issues are a little too far to the right. [Supporting] conversion therapy, things like that. I don’t think he’s going to represent all the people. He didn’t support gays in the military so why would I support him?”