A gay radio DJ from Springfield, Mo., says she was let go from the station last week because she is an LGBT rights activist, NBC-affiliate station KYTV reports.

Jennifer Scott Stevens of 101.5 BOB FM in Springfield, Mo., says she was booted from her job as a morning radio host Friday. According to Stevens, she was out to her coworkers and that her sexuality became an issue when she came out in a Springfield News-Leader article in June.

After the piece was published, she became more active in supporting the LGBT community, publicly supporting a local firefighter who was trying to add her wife to her insurance benefits.

Stevens says she was fired because she started being more vocal about LGBT rights outside the radio station.

"As long as you don't shove it in people's faces you'll be fine, but if you do what every other heterosexual couple does, you're shoving it in their faces and you need to stop because others are uncomfortable," she said.

The radio station officials disagree, however. Its general manager Jason McCuthin said he and another employee attended Stevens and her partner's commitment ceremony. He added there are other gay employees at the station, which offers benefits to same-sex couples.

McCuthin says Stevens was laid off due to budget issues. However, Stevens was the only employee to received a pink slip, but McCuthin says he has left a sales position open and made monetary cuts in other areas.

"There's a lot of people out there that have never experienced any kind of discrimination," Stevens said. "They've never experienced it so they assume it doesn't exist, because they personally haven't witnessed it."

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