Gay Man’s Killer Will Face Up to 20 Years in Detroit Prison

Detroit, michigan. photo via pxhere

Gavino Rodriguez, a gay man living in southwest Detroit, was robbed, beaten, murdered and burned by two men in 2013. Six years later, both of the men have been sent to prison.

Hameer Alkotait was sentenced to 18-20 years in prison Wednesday in connection to the murder of Rodriguez, according to Detroit News. His co-defendant, Andrew Czarnecki, was sentenced to life in prison. The case was prosecuted by Jaimie Powell Horowitz, a lawyer with Fair Michigan, an LGBTQ rights foundation.

Alanna Maguire, president of Fair Michigan, says she is excited to finally see justice served for the Rodriguez family.

"These cold-case murder convictions resulted from Detective Kevin Wight and the Detroit Police Department’s tenacious investigation of this brutal crime, and Special Prosecutor Jaimie Powell Horowitz’s determined prosecutions," Maguire said in a statement. "We are grateful for their efforts, and we are committed to continue the fight for justice for the LGBTQ community in Wayne County."