Two years ago,County Clerk Kim Davis denied David Ermold a marriage license because he was gay. Now, he’s back at the Rowan County courthouse with a different agenda: To take Davis’s position.

According to Chicago publication WGN9, Ermold filed to run for clerk on Wednesday against the same woman who went against the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision and denied Ermold and his husband a marriage license back in 2015, claiming it was against “God’s authority.” As a result, Ermold sued Davis and the clerk spent five days in prison for disobeying a federal judge.

Compared to his competition, Ermold believes that his campaign stands out and shines light on discrimination.

“I think we need to deal with the circumstances and the consequences of what happened,” Ermold said. “I don’t think the other candidates are looking at a larger message. I have an obligation here, really, to do this and to set things right.”

Davis, who switched her registration to Republican after feeling “betrayed by her party” for not allowing clerks to remove their name from gay marriage licenses, believes that the public will ultimately choose the best candidate.

“It’ll be a good one, I’m sure,” Davis said: “(It) will be up to the people. I think I do a good job.”

As for Ermold, Philadelphia native and English professor at the University of Pikeville, he hopes that his campaign not only gives a voice for the LGBT community, but is also able to bring the country together.

“People … are back home bickering and fighting with each other and fighting on social media,” he said. “This campaign we are putting together is about unity and bringing people together and restoring fairness.”