A Staten Island man who was roughed up by police whom he alleges used homophobic slurs is planning to sue in federal court for civil rights violations. The Daily News reports.

Louis Falcone, 31, of Staten Island, New York, says police arrived at his home in the early hours of June 19 to follow up on a noise complaint from an hour earlier when he had words with his brother who came home at 4:30 a.m. "obnoxiously drunk." According to him, speaking to him through his screen door, police threatened to kill his barking dog who is part pit bull. Falcone says that as he shooed his dog away, an officer yanked him outside.

"They threw me against the concrete in front of my house," he said. "My first reaction was to try to get up a little bit."

A video taken by a neighbor from across the street shows one of the officers entering Falcone's home while three officers restrain him on the ground in front of his home.

The Daily News reports that although anti-gay slurs can't be heard on the video, Falcone claims that while they were roughing him up on the ground, the officers called him a "fag" and "faggot."

"While I was on the ground, I had mud and blood in my mouth," Falcone told the Daily News. "One (of the cops) said, 'Don't let it get on you, he probably has AIDS, the faggot.'"

Although Falcone ended up not being charged by police, he plans to sue in federal court.

"How can you do that - four people on one skinny, scrawny little guy?" Falcone's attorney Eric Subin said of his 150 pound client. "They're criminals; they belong behind bars."

According to SI Live, Falcone, who is gay, says the incident left him with a broken nose, two black eyes and other injuries.

News of Falcone's abuse at the hands of the NYPD comes a year after Eric Garner, a black Staten Island man died after police held him in a choke hold while arresting him for selling illegal cigarettes.