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A gay man from Texas is facing a murder charge for his boyfriend's death after he allegedly refused to let him out of a car before a fatal crash, local news CBS-affiliate KDBC-TV reports.

Jesus Mireles, 23, was driving his car early Sunday morning when he crashed into three parked cars in El Paso, Texas. Mireles was drinking and was injured in the crash but Daniel Mendoza, his boyfriend of six months, was killed.

Mendoza, 25, reportedly called 911 to report Mireles was driving over 100-miles-per-hour, was running red lights and refused to let him out of the vehicle. Israel Chavez, a friend of Mendoza, told KDBC-TV the couple were arguing earlier in the night.

"I don't know what happened after they took off and the events that happened ... but I never really thought it was going to go that far to where he was going to end up hurting my friend," Chavez told the news station. "For him to have called 911 I would assume that he just wanted out of the car. So I just can't bear to think that he was terrified and wanted to get out and then that happened."

Police responded to Mendoza's call but could not find the car. When they responded to the scene of the wreck, police said they could smell alcohol on Mireles' breath. He later confessed he was drinking.

Mendoza died at the hospital.

Friends of Mendoza are planning a benefit on Wednesday night at El Paso's Touch Bar & Nightclub to raise money for funeral costs.

"It's going to be very hard especially now around Christmas of course for his family and friends not to have him with us," Chavez told KDBC-TV.

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