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(WB) D.C. gay Libertarian Party activist Bruce Majors appears to have won his party’s nomination for the city’s congressional delegate seat and for the position of chair of the Libertarian Party as a write-in candidate in the city’s June 21 primary.

“I organized a write-in campaign for two offices in the primary, Chair of the Libertarian Party and Delegate to Congress, and won both,” Majors told the Washington Blade.

Majors provided the Blade with an email message he received from Marissa Corrente, the D.C. Board of Elections’ Registrar of Voters, confirming he was eligible for placement on the ballot in November for both the Congressional Delegate seat and Libertarian Party chair position. Corrente stated in her message that the Board of Elections would soon issue its official certification confirming he won the write-in vote for both offices.

Majors’ write-in victory came a little over a month after a local gay Democratic Party activist successfully challenged the ballot petition signatures Majors filed with the Board of Elections to be placed on the ballot for both of the two offices as a Libertarian Party candidate. No other Libertarian candidate came forward to run for the two positions.

Majors acknowledged he fell short in obtaining the required number of petition signatures and did not contest the challenge against his petition signatures.

Assuming the Board of Elections certifies Majors’ write-in victory for the Congressional Delegate and Libertarian Party chair positions, he will be one of just two known gay candidates on the ballot in D.C.’s November general election for offices other than Advisory Neighborhood Commission positions. The other candidate for a non-ANC post, gay D.C. Board of Education member Zachary Parker, won the primary for the Ward 5 D.C. Council seat in a seven-candidate race.