A gay teacher moved out of Kansas after receiving a series of threatening letters.

Michael Hill, a high school art teacher in Seneca, Kansas, had come out to students during Coming Out Day last year, according to PinkNews. According to Hill’s Facebook post, he received anonymous letters intimidating him for coming out, pushing him to move away to Palm Springs in California.

“This was part of a pattern of harassment that started back in October 2017,” Hill wrote in the post. “As a result of this I made the difficult decision to pack up and make a huge leap of faith and moved to Palm Springs, CA.”

According to PinkNews, it was never made clear who sent the letters. Police in the area are currently investigating the case.

“In fact, I don’t believe they should be teachers at all,” one of the letters said of gay people. “They are perverts and predators. They are not acceptable role models for our kids.”

Later letters included threats of violence towards Hill. He also had the tires of his car punctured and had gay slurs written on the vehicle, according to PinkNews.

“It is absolutely horrifying that professionals in Kansas are still being harassed and threatened, and run out of their jobs and run out of town, because of their sexual orientation,” Equality Kansas executive director Tom Witt said.