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The same-sex couple who who were allegedly attacked by a now suspended Marshall University running back is speaking out about the incident, according to local news station WSAZ.

Zackary Johnson and Casey Williams have shared footage of the incident, which allegedly involves college football player Steward Butler and took place in Huntington, W.Va., in April.

The couple was visiting friends and was heading back to their hotel after a night out.

"I had pulled him in for a kiss and they happened to see it, so we just kind of ignored it at first," Williams said, referring to Johnson. The couple then said Butler yelled gay slurs at them and the rest of the incident was caught on video.

"He punched Zack in the head, and then right after that he punched me in the head," Williams told the news station.

"I thought it was going to be the normal case of someone rolling their windows down, yelling some words, and just keep on going, I mean that happens a lot," added Johnson.

WSAZ reports that in the video, a number of slurs and derogatory names are hurled at the men. The clip also shows that the couple was at least punched one time in the April incident.

Butler claims the incident was in self-defense but the couple disputes that. The men said they were punched in the face but not seriously injured.

"He had some swelling on his face, I think he got punched probably harder than I did," Williams said.

The couple is currently working with the authorities and said the video they recorded of the incident captured the license plate of the car Butler was in during the alleged attack. West Virginia, however, does not have a hate crime law that protects attacks based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The men said they have healed since the attack and are ready to move on. They add they're surprised that their story has gotten media attention, noting they've been recognized on social media. Johnson and Williams said they hope their story brings change and understanding.

Butler was suspended from Marshall University after he was arrested Wednesday on battery charges for allegedly attacking Williams and Johnson.

You can watch the cell phone footage over at WSAZ by clicking here.

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