North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is turning 60 today, giving one group the opportunity to call him out on his antigay and damaging effects on his state.

"HB2 U, Pat,” the advertisement reads. The message is a nod to McCrory taking $500,000 from a disaster relief fund and moving towards a defense fund for HB2. House Bill 2 is a law which removes non-discrimination ordinances (and LGBT protections) in North Carolina.

The full-page ad was created by a group called Writers for a Progressive North Carolina and appeared in Monday's issue of The News & Observer, a local newspaper in Raleigh. It shows a single slice of rainbow birthday cake with a lone candle.

“Governor McCrory, we send you our best wishes today as you celebrate your 60th birthday,” the group writes in the ad. “But the real celebration will begin November 8th when North Carolina votes to move in a more progressive direction.”

The ad also insists voters throw their backing towards candidates that will “Repeal House Bill 2, value public education and pay teachers fairly, expand Medicaid and protect the environment.”