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A father and daughter are suing the school district after being suspended over transphobic remarks in Vermont, and Catholic leaders are targeting trans students and gay parents in Colorado.

Transphobic Remarks Spark Lawsuit in School District

Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBT group, is supporting a lawsuit of a Vermont coach and his daughter suing the school district after suspending both because of their transphobic remarks.

Blake Allen, Coach Travis Allen’s daughter, was reportedly taunting the student by saying things like “literally is a dude” and “he doesn’t belong in the girls’ locker room” regarding the trans student using the girls’ locker room to change, according to The Washington Times.

The school gave Blake the option to “write a reflective essay and either serve a two-day suspension or participate in a ‘restorative circle.’”

“[T]he truth is your son watched my daughter and multiple other girls change in the locker room. While he got a free show, they got violated,” Travis wrote in a post on a local news station’s page.

“[Y]ou think this is fine and dandy, I wonder how you would feel if I watched you undress?” asked Coach Allen in an online exchange with the trans girl’s parent according to LGBTQ Nation.

Coach Allen was suspended without pay due to this.

Local Catholic Leaders Target Trans Students, Gay Parents

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The Denver Post obtained the 17-page document, titled “Guidance for Issues Concerning the Human Person and Sexual Identity,” in which it states that Catholic schools must not enroll or re-enroll students who identify as trans or non-conforming gender.

With confirmation by the Denver Archdiocese, who advised these guidelines be enforced, the document continues “that gay parents should be treated differently than heterosexual ones,” reported The Denver Post.

Faculties were advised that students must be addressed as the “student’s biological sex” pronouns than their preferred.

The document also states that all schools show compassion towards LGBT students.