This week read about The Advocate inducting the late trans journalist Monica Roberts to the Hall of Fame, a documentary highlighting lesbian bars, and Disney+ portraying Loki as gender-fluid.

Monica Roberts Inducted to The Advocate’s Hall of Fame

The late Monica Roberts, a revolutionary trans journalist, was inducted into The Advocate’s Hall of Fame this month. Roberts brought trans news to the mainstream and covered stories that would have otherwise gone unnoticed via her blog TransGriot.

TransGriot was one of the only news sources that properly gendered trans people and made sure their story was told from all sides. Like a Griot, a West African storyteller, Roberts told the story of Black trans people and provided visibility to a community otherwise forgotten.

In her lifetime, she received two GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Blog in 2014, the Esteem Award in 2012, and the IFGE Trinity Award in 2006 making her the first African-American Texan and the third African-American openly trans person to be given the award.

Roberts dedicated her life to advocacy and education of the trans community making her a figure to be celebrated.


Documentary Raises Awareness and Money for Lesbian Bars


Comedian Lea DeLaria (left) and Cubby Hole owner Lisa Menichino in "The Lesbian Bar Project." Image via "The Lesbian Bar Project."

“The Lesbian Bar Project,” a new documentary produced by “Orange Is the New Black” star Lea DeLaria explores the last few remaining lesbian bars in hopes of saving from them permanent closure.

Since 1980, nearly 200 lesbian bars have gone out of business and the roughly 20 that remain are barely keeping the lights on following COVID-19 shutdowns.

The documentary dives into the many reasons why lesbian bars are no longer popular: higher rent due to the gentrification of cities, systematic issues that make it harder for women to take out loans, and the rise in dating apps. More women can meet via apps like Lesly or PinkCupid causing the former need for lesbian bars to go away.

Another reason is the growing social awareness and acceptance of the LGBT community. Before, lesbian bars served as safe spaces where couples could go and enjoy a night out without fear of discrimination. Since the general population is more accepting of the community, lesbian-only bars are no longer needed.

The film is available for free on YouTube and offers many resources on how to save the bars.

Loki to be Portrayed as Gender-Fluid in New Disney+ Series


"Loki." Credit: Disney.

Disney+ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe set released a new series based on the character Loki, Thor’s mischievous brother.

The character, played by Tom Hiddleston, will be portrayed as gender-fluid. Fans first noticed this during a teaser trailer where Loki’s gender was listed as “fluid” on his official documents. This development aligns with the Marvel comics in which Loki is described as being both a daughter and son by his father.

Hiddleston is excited to dive into this side of the character and told outlets that Loki’s fluidity is “really interesting and compelling and very much a part of the fabric of the character,” and said it was “thrilling to get to touch on that this time around.”

He also praised Marvel for their growth in sexual diversity within their films and series.

“Loki” is available on Disney+ and episode one is out now.

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