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This week read about Ali Krieger sharing a photo of herself and her wife holding their newborn baby, Ace Stiles swaying the viewers with his audition video, and how Halsey's pregnancy changed her perception of gender.

Lesbian Soccer Stars Adopt a Baby

Olympian Ali Krieger posted a moving caption on Instagram to accompany a photo of herself and her wife, Ashlyn Harris, holding their newborn baby.

The caption was written to be a letter to the birth mother of the couple’s baby. Krieger listed a number of promises to the birth mother about how they would raise and love the baby.

“We promise to be open-minded and respect your wishes to have future communication and that she will always know how much you love her!” she promised.

Later in the caption, Krieger reflects on when she first started dating Harris.

“When we first dated, we always spoke about adoption and always wanted to give a child a loving, happy and stable home. I cannot wait to give her the world and be the best mom I can be with you right by my side,” she said.




Trans Teenager Becomes Fan Favorite on ‘American Idol’


Ace Stiles. Photo credit: ABC.

Ace Stiles, 16, stole the hearts of “American Idol” viewers in a matter of minutes.

His audition video for the show portrayed his fun and playful personality within the first few seconds. “I’m gonna sing a song that I wrote, it’s called ‘Addicted,’ but it’s not about drugs because I’m 16 and that’s illegal,” he said with a smile.

Once in front of the judges, Stiles began strumming his guitar and singing. His performance wasn’t enough to sway the judges, but viewers loved him.

“They got it wrong not picking Ace. I hope he gets chosen to come back,” a YouTube comment said.

Viewers also loved Stiles’ coming out story.

“I definitely had to come out to myself before I decided to come out to everybody else,” he said. “After coming out, I definitely felt better than I have in a long time. Everybody at home, I hope they see that it’s OK to be yourself. I’m going to be myself, and I don’t need any of you to tell me that I’m not worth it, because I am worth it and I figured it out on my own.”

Bisexual Pop Star Reveals How Pregnancy Changed Her Gender Perception


Halsey. Photo via Facebook.

Last month, Halsey revealed that she is expecting a baby this year.

She has been open about her journey into pregnancy and recently posted an Instagram photo with a caption explaining how being pregnant has changed her perception of gender.

"I thought there would be a lot of expectation or pressure on me to wake up every day feeling like some 'girly-girly fertility goddess,' but instead I wake up and eat when I’m hungry, sleep when I’m tired, and focus on growing a human. And that is all I expect myself to do. Liberating!" she wrote.

She touched on her expectations of being pregnant and how they changed in a short amount of time.

“I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, binary feelings about ‘womanhood’ but it truly has leveled my perception of gender entirely. My sensitivity to my body has made me hyper-aware of my humanness and that’s all.” Halsey said.

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