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Educators are forced to minimalize LGBT topics in Tennessee schools, and a gay couple with children was harassed by a man on a train in California.

Educators Forced to Minimize, Eliminate LGBT History

Instructors in Tennessee are having difficulties with accurately portraying LGBT histories like Oscar Wilde’s lover and the role LGBT advocates played during the civil rights movement.

“It felt kind of like turning something that’s a fact of history, and life, and my life, into something secret or taboo,” Aneshka said to Chalkbeat.

Educators are expected to send their students with opt-out forms to notify parents that LGBT topics may arise in class. According to Chalkbeat, one teacher placed a disclaimer in her syllabus to make parents aware of when LGBT lessons would be taught.

Cassie Norton, a teacher in Nashville, told Chalkbeat that her students are “so overwhelmed” due to the ongoing restrictions that states are making to eradicate LGBT rights, people, and history.

Senate Bill 1229 was passed under the premise that parents should make the decision on when and who should be able to tell their child about LGBT people, sexuality, and gender topics.

However, Norton allowed students to choose which similar movements during the civil rights era they’d like to research, allowing her not to send students home with an opt-out form, while still complying with the law.

Gay Couple and Adopted Children Harassed on Amtrack


 Neal Broverman and Robbie Pierce. Photo via Facebook.

Neal Broveman, Robbie Pierce and their two sons were traveling on Amtrak from Los Angeles to Oakland, California when a man accused the gay couple of being “pedophiles.” The harasser claimed that the two young boys had been stolen rather than adopted by the couple.

The accuser had confronted the unaccompanied 6-year-old while on his way to the bathroom.

According to Pierce, the man said, “Remember what I told you earlier. They stole you and they’re pedophiles,” according to the Advocate.

Amtrack employees stepped in to deescalate the situation but the man continued to spew hateful and homophobic remarks at the family. Eventually at the San Jose stop, the employees waited with the harasser for about 45 minutes until police officials showed up and escorted him off the train.

The couple filed a police report and are waiting to see what course of action to take next.

This is not the first time the couple has run into homophobic remarks, but Pierce said that instances like these can happen when you are an LGBT parent and it is best to prepare yourself and your child.