This week read about the school board paying $1.3 million in the Gavin Grimm case, and a gay bar in Wisconsin receiving a new mural.

School Board Pays $1.3 Million in Bathroom Case

A school board in Virginia has been court-ordered to pay out 1.3 million dollars in what became a landmark case over transgender student rights.

In 2014, Gavin Grimm was a sophomore in a Gloucester County high school. Officials denied him access to the boy’s bathroom, and then proposed a bathroom just for Grimm to use, rather than allowing him free and equal access to the school’s public facilities.

Grimm sued the school board, and the case almost went up to the Supreme Court, which declined the case two months ago.

“Rather than allow a child equal access to a safe school environment, the Gloucester School Board decided to fight this child for five years in a costly legal battle that they lost,” Grimm wrote in a statement. “I hope that this outcome sends a strong message to other school systems, that discrimination is an expensive losing battle.”




Gay Bar Gets New Mural


 Photo via the Nepalese Bar and Grill website.

Last weekend, Wisconsin’s second-oldest continually running gay bar unveiled a new mural to celebrate diversity within the LGBT community.

Artist and designer LosChue “Chue” Lo told WBAY News, “There’s a middle school, a high school, and an elementary school here. And I remember growing up as a person of color fearing that I wasn’t validated or visible so this is kind of for them right? But it’s also a representation for the adults as well who are struggling through this so it’s not even for the youth it’s for people of all ages.”

Lo’s work was unveiled Nepalese Bar and Grill as part of weekend-long slate events that included drag shows, games, and more.

The mural contains the 2018 Progress Pride designs, overlaid with paintings of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Lo told the Green Bay Press Gazette, "It became very personal, as well, to my identity as a queer person of color. This is no longer just about me doing artwork. This is about the community, about me giving back to the city of Green Bay."