Religious groups and the Proud Boys protested against an all-age drag show in Indiana, and Samford University denied a law school from forming its own LGBT club in Alabama.

All-Age Drag Show Met with Protests

An all-ages drag show was met with protests from religious groups and far-right group the Proud Boys last week in South Bend, Indiana. 

The drag show was an opportunity for local families who had children who weren't old enough to see drag performances in bars.

“We’re not going to be bullied and that’s what they want. They want us to cancel because we’re of what they might do and we’re not going to do that,” said H.R. Jung, the executive director for South Bend’s LGBTQ Center to ABC 57

The protests won’t be the cause to slow down according to Jung. 

“We don’t really have a larger connection to the larger LGBTQ community, and this is an opportunity for them to meet and build those networks and also for the larger community as well, it’s really good for the straight community to come out and support and get exposed to what queer culture is like,” Jung said. 



Christian University Denies Law School from Creating LGBT-Based Club


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Samford University, in Birmingham, Alabama, denied the Cumberland School of Law from forming its own professional group for LGBT students.

“In September, BNG reported that Samford had for the first time intentionally excluded several local churches and ministries from sanctioned presence on campus — all because those churches or ministries affirm same-sex marriage. That action sparked protests by students, alumni and local clergy,” reports Baptist News Global. 

Law students at Samford had hoped to have OUTLaw as a space where they were able to be open-minded and accepting.

“I am ever mindful of the array of views and opinions on LGBTQ-related issues in contemporary culture, including among Samford’s students and employees,” Beck Taylor, Sanford’s president, wrote in a letter. “Civil discourse on matters of human sexuality and other subjects at the forefront of the public debate will always exist at Samford, and the university is not retreating from those discussions.”