A pop-up comic book shop in Michigan aims to promote awareness about LGBT characters, and President Joe Biden's new executive order hopes to better protect LGBT people.

Pop-Up Comic Shop Embraces Inclusivity

Once a month, Amara Vear holds a pop-up throughout Michigan to promote selections of comics, magazines, and books that have LGBT characters.

“I’m hoping, essentially, that the stories that come out will make people a little bit more empathetic and also a little more hopeful for the future,” said Vera to Michigan Radio.

The business began in 2018 after Vera had previously been involved as the Michigan State University's Spectrum president, an LGBT club.

“I also have had a lot of love of comics when I was younger and it seems like many of the cartoonists I followed then have come out as LGBT since and are making the representation that we were all looking for when we were kids,” they said.

Vera told Michigan Radio that their customers will often times share their experiences with them like when a middle school girl came up to Vera and said she was excited to find stories that had transgender representation because their friend at school is transgender.


New Executive Order Hopes to Protect LGBT Community


Screenshot via The White House/Twitter.

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order that will benefit LGBT people.

Since the start of 2022, states have been enacting restrictive laws that would minimize the visibility of the LGBT community and its history. 

“My message to all the young people: just be you. You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. You do belong,” Biden said. “All of us on this stage have your back.” 

The Hill reports that the new order will have the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) renew guidelines for states to make comprehensive health care more accessible for LGBT people.

The order also includes that “inhumane” practices like conversion therapy will be stripped of their government funding.