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The police shot an LGBT protester in California, and a Nebraska high school shut down its newspaper for publishing LGBT stories.

‘Straight Pride’ Causes Police to Shoot LGBT Protester

Outside of a Planned Parenthood in Modesto, California, policemen shot beanbags and pepper balls at protesters after The Proud Boys elicited an argument with protesters, according to LGBTQ Nation.

“We have two armies to go up against when we stand for our rights,” Odette Zapata, who wore a bulletproof vest to the protest, told the Modesto Bee. “We have to deal with the cops attacking us and we’re about to get a second wave of right-wing extremists. We’re fearful of them attacking us as well.”

These same reports came out a year before during the first “straight pride” where right-wing extremists assaulted and provoked protesters.

The event was created by Jan. 6 felons, Mark Sahady and Suzanne Ianni, who used the slogan “It’s Great to Be Straight.” 





After 54 years, a Nebraska High School Shuts Down After LGBT Stories Publish


Photo via Unsplash.

Northwest High School’s newspaper, “Viking Saga” will no longer be publishing after the student-run paper ran stories regarding Pride and LGBT history.

The Nebraska school has been running for 54 years and came to an abrupt end once the school board found out about the stories that were in the issue.

“The very last issue that came out this year, there was… a little bit of hostility amongst some,” said Northwest Public Schools board Vice President Zach Mader to The Grand Island Independent. “There were editorials that were essentially, I guess what I would say, LGBTQ.”

This isn’t the first time the school board and administration have had conflicting views with the Saga staff.

According to The Grand Island Independent, “The Saga staff was also reprimanded in April 2022 after publishing preferred pronouns and names in bylines and articles, according to students. District officials told students to use only birth names going forward.”