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Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus is helping people heal after the shooting of an LGBT club, and a church elder was asked to take down a sign that misgendered a student in Wyoming.

‘Out Loud Choir’ Helps Colorado Springs Heal After Nightclub Shooting

Out Loud Colorado Springs Men’s Chorus has been one of the organizations LGBT people have been seeking since the Club Q nightclub shooting that occurred in November.

“Gay and lesbian choruses like Out Loud were born out of the 1978 assassination of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk and have remained steadfast pillars of the LGBTQ community from the AIDS crisis through mass shootings such as Orlando’s Pulse nightclub in 2016,” stated Summit Daily.

The all-men’s gay choir had their biggest show since COVID-19, with three sold-out back-to-back shows, according to CPR News.

“We will grieve, we will feel anger and sadness, and in the midst of that we will feel joy and hope,” said Concert Artistic Director Bill Loper.




Church Elder Asked to Take Down Sign That Misgendered Student


Credit: Preston Harrison, Branding Iron.

The University of Wyoming asked a church elder to take down a sign that was transphobic to one of their students.

The sign read, “God created male and female and [redacted] is a male.”

One of the school’s faculty immediately acted and told the man to change his sign. He did comply and removed the name.

Todd Schmidt, the man who targeted the student, said he wanted “to tell the truth and bring people to God,” according to Cowboy State Daily.

“While [Schmidt] engaged in heated exchanges with students and perhaps others throughout the afternoon, these interactions were not in obvious violation of UW policies,” read the letter that UW released after the incident.