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Ohio's House of Representatives proposed a bill that would require genital examinations for trans athletes, and Kris Williams, a lesbian, is fighting to keep her parental rights in Oklahoma.

New Bill Will Require Genital Exams for Trans Athletes

Being advertised as a “women’s right” bill, the Ohio House of Representatives has proposed House Bill 151 into session. The Save Women’s Sports Act bill would subject all trans women athletes to required genital exams by a physician.

According to the Advocate, the bill will affect secondary schools, colleges, and universities, both private and public.

The bill can be called into question if a player is accused of being of the opposite sex and will then need to provide a physician’s note stating “(1) The participant’s internal and external reproductive anatomy; (2) The participant’s normal endogenously produced levels of testosterone; (3) An analysis of the participant’s genetic makeup,” according to the Advocate.

Republican representatives are stating that due to trans girls playing on women’s teams, they are taking away opportunities to cisgendered players.

“I have fought my entire life for equal rights for women. This is equal rights for women,” said Rep. Jean Schmidt, a sponsor of the bill. Schmidt was recently in the news after stating that raped girls who become pregnant should see it as an “opportunity.”

Lesbian Mother Fights to Keep Parental Rights


Kris Williams. Photo via Facebook.

During her divorce trial in Oklahoma, Kris Williams found herself single and no longer a parent. Now, Williams is fighting back to have her parental rights reinstated.

Williams’ estranged wife, Rebekah Wilson, accused Williams of verbally abusing her and their son. Williams denies the accusations.

Judge Lynne McGuire, who reinstated Williams’ name back on her son’s birth certificate, suggested that Williams forfeit her paternal rights, according to the 19th News.

Wilson, who carried the child, and the sperm donor, Harlan Vaughn, are petitioning the court for custody of the boy.

The following court date is scheduled for August, leaving Williams to wait a few months before the possibility of seeing her son again due to the victim protection order placed.

Williams, who has another son, told the 19th News, “I am tired of watching my teenager watch me suffer.”