There are concerns about monkeypox exposure during an annual festival in California, and a professor created an LGBT workshop for teachers in Colorado.

Concerns Arise as Kink Festival Attendants Are at Higher Risk for Monkeypox Exposure

San Francisco, California is throwing its annual kink festival, “Up Your Alley Fair,” which is commonly referred to as “Dore Alley Fair.”

Concerns over the spread of monkeypox have cast a shadow over the event due to their large attendance being bisexual and gay men.

Previous reports have come out that the men within the LGBT community have been infected the most.

"Prolonged skin-to-skin contact and possibly through sexual transmission, although skin-to-skin contact is the main thing," Dr. Peter Chin-Hong told KRON 4. "So that's large. In terms of medium, that will be prolonged kissing through saliva, but it requires hours. Hugging by itself, giving a high five, shaking somebody's hand is not going result in transmission."

San Francisco became the first major U.S. city to declare a local emergency over monkeypox.


College Professor Creates LGBT History Workshop for K-12 Teachers


 Professor Thomas Dunn. Photo via

Prof. Thomas Dunn will have his first workshop this summer that will educate K-12 teachers about LGBT history under his Queer Memory Project of Northern Colorado.

“Being able to tell those stories both in a way that is age appropriate as well as giving an increasingly surging LGBTQ youth population some representation is important,” Dunn said to Chalkbeat Colorado. “And I’m also a father — I have an adopted daughter — and so this is something I care about in that way.”

Dunn’s project’s goal is to instruct teachers on what to teach their students about LGBT history that has nothing to do with conversations surrounding sex and sexuality as current conservatives believe.

Within his teachings, Dunn will not only be covering big historical events and figures like Stonewall and Harvey Milk, but lost details and stories that many may have not been inclined to.