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Louisiana passed a bill that would harm trans athletes participating in sports, and Pennsylvania nominated Doug Mastriano, who previously made remarks mocking the trans community.

Senate Votes to Block Trans Athletes from Pre-college Competitions

Sen. Beth Mizell’s (R-Franklinton) bill passed May 17, making transgender girls compete based on their gender identity from K-12 to the collegiate level.

A vote of 72-21, ruled in favor of Senate Bill 44 with seven Democrats voting in favor of the bill as well as one of the three independents in the Louisiana Senate, according to Louisiana Illuminator.

“This bill is not about Christianity, violence or any other thing that we would sidebar. This bill is particular about one thing: Do we have the will to protect our young girls and young women that want to participate in female sports?” Rep. Rick Edmonds told Louisiana Illuminator.

Supporter of the bill, Laurie Schlegal, used NCAA title winner Lia Thomas as an example that Thomas’ win was not fair.

While making her case, Schlegel continuously used Thomas’ birth name and would not recognize the athlete by her correct name, an offensive practice known as “deadnaming.”

Trans athletes are able to compete under certain circumstances according to the NCAA, the Louisiana bill is able to undermine the associations rule.

Trump-Endorsed Doug Mastriano Wins GOP Nomination


Doug Mastriano. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Pennsylvania nominated Doug Mastriano as the Republican nominee in the next governor election.

During his speech, Mastriano took the time to highlight his views on the trans community, abortion laws, and critical race theory.

The Democratic nominee for governor, Josh Shapiro, said Mastriano will “dictate how Pennsylvanians live their lives — that's not freedom,” according to CNN

During his speech, Mastriano made fun of trans-U.S. assistant secretary of health and an admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Rachel Levine.

He has previously called for Levine’s resignation citing that the doctor’s “lack of training is evident” in regards to how she has been managing COVID-19 safety measures in a press conference.

Mastriano’s nomination raises concern as he was pictured in attendance during the Jan. 6 insurrection but stated he left before the violence broke out.

Concerns have already risen amongst the Republican party pre-nomination win.

The RGA said it "remains committed to engaging in competitive gubernatorial contests where our support can have an impact,” said Dave Rexrode, the executive director, in a statement.