This week read about rapper Lil Nas X teasing fans about his court date, actress MJ Rodriguez being nominated for an Emmy, and two singers teaming up for the first time ever.

Lil Nas X Teases Court Date

Now if you are not aware, Lil Nas X has had some serious backlash with his controversial sneaker release. He is even going to court because of his notorious “Satan Sneakers.”

Lil Nas X has been teasing his fans with his upcoming court date with a couple of tweets.

The court visit is in reference to the pending case against him for creating his controversial Satan sneakers, PRIDE wrote. He's been getting off the fire tweets over the weekend, imagining a world in which “he drops the soap after being locked up.” But on the day of, he released a skit built in a Tyler Perry-esque format.

Now while all this seems like a plan just to poke some fun at his court date, there is a deeper meaning to this. A bigger picture of the whole charade.

The skit is all a teaser for his next single “Industry Baby,” which is produced by “Yeezus” himself, Kanye West, set to release July 23.



MJ Rodriguez Nominated for Emmy


 MJ Rodriguez. Photo via Facebook.

If you are a fan of “Pose,” then you may have already heard of some big news that happened to actress MJ Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was nominated for an Emmy, and is the first out transgender lead actress ever nominated for an Emmy in the Lead Actress category.

Laverne Cox made history when she became the first out trans person to be nominated for an Emmy Award in an acting category. That happened in 2014 when she was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series with her work on “Orange Is the New Black,” PRIDE wrote.

Although Rodriguez was nominated for this role for the drama series “Pose,” she isn't just stopping there.

The New York Times confirmed the work Rodriguez and Maya Rudolph will be doing in an upcoming comedy.

“I am a foolish, silly, crazy girl,” Rodriguez told the New York Times, “and I’ve been wanting people to get a hold of what Michaela Jaé has to offer when it comes to her funny side. So I’m definitely flexing them. A lot of people just haven’t got a chance to see it, but they’ll be seeing it pretty soon on this show. I really cannot wait. They’re going to see a whole different versatile character.”

As grand as the nomination is, it will be no easy task to claim the gold. The nominee's list has a bunch of great talent as well, such as Uzo Aduba for “In Treatment,” Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin for “The Crown,” just to name a few.

Willow Smith and Avril Lavigne Team Up


Willow Smith (right) and Avril Lavigne. Image via YouTube.

The duo that no one would have expected, Willow Smith’s new album “Lately I Feel Everything” has a feature with Avril Lavigne.

This pop-punk album seems like a new domain for the artist who many know for the hit song “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth.”

Smith told PRIDE, “I’m just so excited because me and Avril have never performed live together before, so this is going to be a whole completely different experience … To have Avril and Travis playing together on one song, I just think it’s going to be absolutely spectacular. It’s just going to be pop-punk astronomical royalty and I’m so honored to be able to watch that happen and be there with them, and be able to perform with them.”

Smith also features another punk star, Travis Barker who appears in the song “G R O W.”

You can catch Smith’s full album performance with Barker and Lavinge on Facebook.