An LGBT senior housing project was vandalized in Massachusetts, and a school in Wisconsin will celebrate June as Pride Month from now on.

Senior LGBT Housing Project Gets Vandalized in Boston

On July 10, the Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization’s construction project was vandalized with homophobic hate speech and violent threats.

The LGBTQ Senior Housing Inc. posted photos on their Facebook page with images of graffiti reading "the f----- will die by fire," "we will burn this," and “die slow” over the signs.

“To see cowards come out under the dark of night and try to intimidate or put their hate on this larger community, it doesn’t represent what we’ve seen throughout this multi-year process, and we are just going to move even faster to get this done,” Mayor Michelle Wu said at an event held to condemn the vandalism, NBC Boston reported. 

The Boston police department confirmed to NBC Boston that there is a current investigation into the vandalism that occurred.

"We will not let bullies and cowards stop our work to create safe and welcome affordable housing for our LGBTQ elders. We will not let hate go unchallenged in Hyde Park," said LGBTQ Senior Housing Inc. in a Facebook statement.

Milwaukee School Board Passes Resolution to Recognize June As Pride Month


Photo via Adobe Stock.

In an effort to show solidarity with the LGBT community, the Glendale-River Hills School Board decided June 29, that June will celebrate LGBT Pride Month. 

"This resolution reflects our ongoing commitment to continue to do things ...  to be better allies and advocates, and to seek out ways we can continue to make the district a better place for all of our LGBTQ+, non-binary, and trans students, staff, and families. I have no doubt our district is up to the task," said board member Danielle Bailey in an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Alyson Weiss, the Glendale-River Hills school board superintendent, said that the board plays "an important role in promoting emotionally and physically safe schools."

The resolution, authored primarily by Bailey, was created to highlight visibility as well as accountability, in hopes that the diverse population of Glendale will welcome more families to move there.