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LGBT group leaders skipped Virginia's governor Pride event, and a pastor in Texas called for homosexuals to be "put down" during a sermon.

LGBT Groups Skip Governor’s Pride Event

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin missed notable faces at his recent Pride event. LGBT group leaders felt that the Republican governor’s previous on-the-record stance proved that he was not an alley for the community.

“I have serious concerns about the governor’s on-the-record positions on issues like same-sex marriage and rights and protections for the trans community, especially trans youth,” James Millner, the director of Virginia Pride, said in a statement before the event began. “If the governor can demonstrate that he and his administration are true allies to our community by working with us to protect and advance our hard-won progress, I would happily attend a celebration with him next year.”

According to Virginia Public Media, there was a breach in security during the virtual meeting between Youngkin and the Virginia LGBTQ Advisory Board.

The interrupters made “racist and homophobic messages and imagery.”

Though his spokesperson said that Youngkin condemns the remarks, LGBT leaders still have reservations.

“I would love the governor to do nothing but prove every one of us wrong,” Millner told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Pastor Calls for Homosexuals to be ‘Put Down’ During Sermon


Pastor Dillon Awes. Screenshot via Twitter.

According to LGBTQ Nation, Texas Christian pastor Dillon Awes, homosexuals “should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head.”

In a video, Awes makes a few violent references as to what he believes is an “abomination” when referring to homosexuality.

“What does God say is the answer, is the solution, for the homosexual in 2022, here in the New Testament, here in the Book of Romans?” Awes asked his congregation. “That they are worthy of death! These people should be put to death!”

According to LGBTQ Nation, Stedfast Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas is “one of the most hateful churches in the country, and its pastors have repeatedly called for death to LGBTQ people.”

Awes goes on to say that homosexuals should be arrested and tried for their sexuality and then face execution.

“That’s what the Bible says. You don’t like it? You don’t like God’s Word, because that is what God says,” Awes said, defending himself when stating gays should be murdered.