This week read about an LGBT history exhibit being removed after a GOP aide complains in Missouri, and the police searching for an anti-gay man after allegedly assaulting a stranger in New York.

LGBT History Exhibit Removed After GOP Aide Complains

The Missouri state capital established an exhibit honoring LGBT history and although the exhibit was supposed to be up until Dec. 26, it was removed after four days.

According to the Kansas City Star, “Making History: Kansas City and the Rise of Gay Rights” was reportedly closed early due to complaints from Uriah Stark, an aide to Republican state Rep. Mitch Boggs.

Stark had made a post on Facebook prior to the exhibit's removal saying that the “taxpayer-funded museum is pushing the LGBT agenda in our state capitol.”

The Department of Natural Resources manages Missouri’s park system as well as the museum exhibit.

Sen. Greg Razer, a Kansas City Democrat and only openly gay senator from the state, said, “This display was supposed to be up until Dec. 26 [and] made it all of four days before some members of the legislature threw a fit and DNR apparently acquiesced to them and took it down and literally put my history back in the closet.”

Gov. Mike Parson’s spokeswoman Kelli Jones said in a statement that the exhibit was removed because the “statutorily mandated process” for establishing temporary exhibits was not properly followed. Jones said that was not aware of the exhibit but his office had received “several complaints.”

NYPD Searching for Homophobic Man After Allegedly Assaulting a Stranger


 The alleged assailant. Courtesy of NYPD Hate Crimes, Twitter.

On Aug. 26, an assailant allegedly beat a 23-year-old man on the subway while shouting homophobic slurs.

NYPD’s Crime Stoppers program announced on Sept. 3 that it is offering a reward for up to $3,500. Anyone with information can contact NYPD Crime Stoppers via 800-577-TIPS or

According to LGBTQ Nation, police allege that the assailant approached the victim on the train and after a brief exchange was heard saying, “I’m not with that gay shit.” He then punched the victim in the head repeatedly while calling him anti-gay slurs.

The attack is being investigated as a potential hate crime by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

There has been a rise in violence throughout New York City’s public transportation systems. Another unidentified assailant punched two young men in the face and made anti-gay statements while riding the subway on July 31. When a woman tried to stop him, he punched her in the face.

Advocates and transit workers have been calling for authorities to make the New York City subway and MTA transportation safer for travelers, some have appealed to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for action.