This week read about a pop star creating a brand that is "multi-dimensional makeup for everyone," Jamaica releasing a new healthcare strategy so transgender and gender non-conforming citizens can utilize it, and an Australian couple raising their child without a gender.

Bisexual Pop Star Launches Makeup Brand

Want bright, eye-catching makeup that’s bound to turn heads? Look no further than Halsey’s makeup brand.

“Without Me” singer Halsey, released her own makeup brand called about-face, which is advertised as “multi-dimensional makeup for everyone” on the official website.

The brand includes all types of makeup, from lipsticks to eyeshadows. It also offers beauty supplies such as blending tools and cosmetic bags.

The singer prides herself not only on the quality of the products, but also the representation in the brand’s models.

“The zine and e-campaign have white models, Asian models, South East Asian models, dark-skin models, light-skin models, hijabi models, gay, lesbian, trans, enby models, young models, mature-aged models, and a literal baby. This campaign is about everyone. About-face is about everyone,” Halsey tweeted.



Jamaica Reveals New Trans-Inclusive Healthcare


Renae Green, associate director of Policy, Advocacy and Research at TransWave Jamaica. Photo via Renae Green, LinkedIn.

“Too many transgender people stay home and suffer or change who they are to access public healthcare spaces,” said TransWave Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy Renae Green.

TransWave Jamaica has created and launched the first-ever trans-inclusive healthcare strategy in the English-speaking Caribbean with support from UNAIDS and the United Nations Population Fund.

After a year of research and planning, TransWave has been able to launch inclusive healthcare so that transgender and gender non-conforming citizens can utilize it. This way, more people will be able to feel safe and comfortable while receiving medical attention.

The healthcare strategy branches out from the traditional cookie-cutter healthcare options. Right now, it is a five-year plan based upon trans rights in Jamaica.

Australian Queer Couple to Raise Their Child Without Gender


Emryk Prout and Jordan Watson. Photo via Watson's Facebook.

A gender reveal party is not in the plans for Emryk Prout and Jordan Watson, an agender and queer couple from South Australia.

The couple spoke to the Star Observer about their plans for their unborn baby, who is to be born this year.

“We will be offering our child equal access to all clothes, toys and activities, and using they/them pronouns for them until the child says otherwise,” the couple said.

They reflected on their upbringings and said they do not want their child to miss out on learning experiences due to being raised in a binary and cisgender household.

Prout and Watson revealed that their families have been very supportive. Though there were questions, the support has been overwhelming for the couple and their unborn baby.

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