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A husband has an affair after his wife came out as bisexual, NY Times receives backlash over its coverage of trans people, and a study shows African Americans' views on non-binary people.

Husband Has Affair After Wife Comes Out As Bi

Jessica Daniels, a twice-married mother, came out as bisexual after eight years of marriage to her second husband, Mike. However, things weren’t happily ever after for the couple.  
“At first, I came out to my husband and no one else,” said Daniels to the Insider. “I made it clear that I wanted nothing to change between Mike and me. He selflessly offered me the opportunity to explore my bisexuality in a physical sense. I turned it down flat.” 
At the end of 2022, Daniels learned her husband had been having an affair for over a year that started a few months after coming out. Mike confessed his affair and decided he wasn’t coming home. 
After 14 months of Mike’s confession, Daniels and her daughter have embraced her bisexuality by “proudly” displaying the rainbow and bisexual flag and going to local pride events.  
“It’s not the future I was hoping for, but I’m going to embrace every aspect of myself and face it head-on, come what may.”

NY Times Receives Backlash Over Trans Coverage


Photo by Ajay Suresh from New York, NY, USA, via Wikimedia Commons.

Two letters were sent to the Times on Feb. 15 to condemn their coverage of trans people.
One letter was signed by over 370 current and former contributors to the Times. “The Times has in recent years treated gender diversity with an eerily familiar mix of pseudoscience and euphemistic, charged language, while publishing reporting on trans children that omits relevant information about its sources.” 
The second was signed by over 100 LGBT and civil rights groups and activists. They said the Times is filled with “dangerous inaccuracies.” 
Charlie Stadtlander, Times’ Director of External Communications, confirmed both of the letters were received and defended Times’ journalistic integrity. 
“Our journalism strives to explore, interrogate and reflect the experiences, ideas, and debates in society — to help readers understand them,” said Stadtlander. “Our reporting did exactly that, and we’re proud of it.” 
The letter from the advocacy groups includes demands for the paper to “stop printing biased anti-trans stories,” to hold a meeting with trans leadership within two months, and to hire four trans people within three months.

PEW Research Drops On Black Americans’ Views On Trans, Nonbinary Issues


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A study conducted by the PEW Research Center researched gender equality, gender roles, feminism, and trans and nonbinary issues.

Black Americans are critical of the progress of women’s equality in the United States. Sixty-nine percent of Black adults say that the U.S. has “not gone far enough” in giving women equality with men. Amongst those who claim that about 25% say it’s “not at all likely” that there will be gender equality in the future. 
Black adults are split over how much society should accept trans/nonbinary people. Thirty-six percent say society has “not gone far enough” in accepting people who are trans/nonbinary, 31% say the level of acceptance in society is alright, and 29% say it has “gone too far.” 
Black Americans are more likely to know someone who is trans/nonbinary than to identify‌. About 1.4% of Black adults are trans or nonbinary. However, 35% say they know someone who is trans. And among those who have heard at least a little about being nonbinary, 26% say they know someone who identifies this way.