This week read about Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo coming out as bisexual, Burger King announcing their new pro-LGBT chicken sandwich, and the Kansas City Chiefs hiring the first out Super Bowl coach.

Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo Comes Out as Bisexual

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daughter Michaela came out as bisexual June 3 on Instagram.

The caption of her post went into detail criticizing Instagram for censoring useful information for queer individuals. She also left words of encouragement for the LGBT community, including those who aren’t out yet.

“Today, I stand in my queer identity with pride, and in memory of those who came before me. I stand indebted to the activists who fought for my right to love and happiness,” Cuomo wrote. “I stand with a helping hand outreached to those finding their way from under socially constructed boxes to emerge from the closet. I’m standing with you.”

In her post, she also included the phone number for the Trevor Project for her followers to use for support.




Kansas City Chiefs Hires First Out Super Bowl Coach


Katie Sowers. Photo via Instagram.

Katie Sowers, the first out Super Bowl coach, has been hired by the team that beat her own San Francisco 49ers in the 2020 Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs hired Sowers this month and she shared the news through an Instagram post.

“Retired from coaching in the NFL? Nah. Kansas City. I’m home!” Sowers wrote in the caption.

The football team hired her through the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship, which aims to give former NFL players and former or current coaches at all different levels an opportunity to coach an NFL team.

Sowers came out in 2017 as lesbian and became the first out coach in the NFL.

Burger King Releases Pro-LGBT Chicken Sandwich


Ch'King Sandwich. Credit: Burger King.

To celebrate Pride Month, popular fast food restaurant Burger King launched the Ch’King Sandwich.

For every sandwich ordered, the chain will donate 40 cents to The Human Rights Campaign.

The company promoted their new menu item on Twitter and people noticed that the tweet seemed to take a dig at Chick-Fil-A.

“The #ChKing says LGBTQ+ rights! during #pride month (even on Sundays 👀) your chicken sandwich craving can do good!” the promotional tweet read.

The tweet references how competing chain Chick-Fil-A is not open on Sundays.

Chick-Fil-A has been under fire for years regarding the company’s donations to anti-LGBT organizations, so some people speculated that Burger King was also taking a shot at the company’s lack of support for the LGBT community.

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