Leon Benjamin Sr. of Virginia was confronted over a past anti-LGBT Facebook post, and an investigation was launched after a host denied a gay couple an Airbnb in Texas.

GOP Candidate Confronted Over Past Anti-LGBT Facebook Post

In his hope to fill the Virginia Congressional seat, GOP candidate Leon Benjamin Sr. was criticized by MSNBC host Johnathon Capehart for his 2011 Facebook post.

In that post, Benjamin said LGBT people were “sick” and accused them of being addicts and bipolar.

While appearing on Capehart’s show, “The Sunday Show,” the host asked Benjamin how he would be a “bridge” during his run.

“You used the word unity. How is that being a bridge? How is that being a unifier for the 4th Congressional District of Virginia, that most likely has LGBTQ people in that district?” asked Capehart, reported by The Hill.

Benjamin went on to say that issues like inflation, high crime, high-gas prices, and education were not marginalized issues.

Since the passing of Virginia U.S. Rep. Donald McEachin, his seat is open.


Airbnb Is Investigating a Host Who Denied Gay Couple in Dallas


Photo by Open Grid Scheduler/scalable Grid Engine, Wikimedia Commons.

Curtis Kimberlin Jr. and his boyfriend were booking a couple's getaway in Dallas, Texas. when they were denied an Airbnb because of their sexual orientation.

In his tweet, Kimberlin mentioned in a message with the host that he and his boyfriend would be occupying the space, along with times they would be checking in. The host responded with, “So, I’ll be hosting two men sleeping together … right?” 

Kimberlin said that it led the man to deny their request.

According to NBCDFW, Airbnb made a statement that “...the host has been suspended from the platform as they launch an investigation into the matter. Additionally, Airbnb reached out to the guests impacted.”