This week read about gay dads celebrating their three-year anniversary of adopting children in Pennsylvania, and a family wanting answers after a queer woman died in custody in Illinois.

Gay Dads Celebrate 3 Years After Adoption of Children

In 2019, two dads adopted six children, ages ranging from 7 to 14, after they had been living in the foster system.

Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean were together for 18 years before they grew their family, according to Good Morning America. The couple previously raised two kids from a previous relationship. But once their nest was empty, they wanted more children and looked into adopting.

Steve said, "We never imagined we'd be lucky enough or blessed enough to have six [kids].”

The children are all siblings who spent five years in the foster system together after they were removed from their biological parent's home due to abuse and neglect.

“After the first week they were asking if they could stay forever,” Steve said. “We took them to the park and to the zoo. We played in the yard. That was all new to them. Having fun was new to them.”

The couple celebrated their three-year anniversary on social media.

“It’s been almost three years … look how the kids have grown!” Steve wrote.

Family Calls for Answers After Queer Woman Dies in Police Custody


Credit: Daniel Schwen, Wikipedia.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is investigating Chicago police because a queer woman was found dead in her cell.

Irene Chavez, 33, was taken into custody on Dec. 17, 2021, after she was asked to leave a local pub. The next day, Chavez was found dead, WGN reports. The family was upset because the reports they received from police were heavily redacted and lacked any new information.

The COPA released a report this month saying that early that morning, Chavez was taken to a hospital while in critical condition after a suicide attempt. COPA says there is no footage of the alleged attempt but they’re still looking.

“We are not quite sure exactly what happened to my sister. I did my best to look out, I visited the headquarters,” said her sister, Iris Chavez. “I asked detectives questions and I hit a red light, a stop sign, a door every single time. Now, I’m here to just really put out that my sister was found hanged in the 3rd district police department in holding, while bound apparently.”


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