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In New York, Alphonso David is accusing the Human Rights Campaign of racism, and convicted felon Ed Buck is asking a judge to overturn his jury verdict in California.

Former Leader Accuses HRC of Racism

The Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the U.S., hired Alphonso David as its first Black president a couple of years ago. But he was fired after the public found out that in 2020 he helped New York’s governor at the time, Andrew Cuomo, respond to sexual harassment allegations.

David is now suing the HRC claiming he wasn’t fired for his involvement with Cuomo, but for racial discrimination.

According to the Advocate, other employees agree that there is a culture of racism within the organization.

In the lawsuit, David said he was paid less than the previous president, who was white, even though they had the same duties and performed them at the same level.  

David said that he “was forced to navigate a racially hostile culture at HRC” and that his actions with Cuomo were completely legal. He was obligated to provide advice as Cuomo’s former lawyer.

“The work of equality and justice is too important to back away or be underserved by an organization that can’t or won't live up to its own lofty goal of fighting for equality for all,” David said.

Convicted Felon Asks Judge to Overturn Jury Verdict


Ed Buck. Photo via Facebook.

In July 2021, a Los Angeles jury found Ed Buck guilty on all nine charges including enticement to cross state lines to engage in prostitution, maintaining a drug den, distributing methamphetamine, and providing the drugs that led to the deaths of two men.

Now he’s asking a federal judge to overturn the verdict.

The Advocate reported that Buck was a donor to California’s Democrats. Some people connect this with the fact that District Attorney Jackie Lacey didn’t indict Buck after two men were found dead in his apartment from an overdose. After a third man was found dead, Buck was finally prosecuted but not by Los Angeles County, by the federal government.

Buck was found to have a fetish for injecting Black men with drugs and sexually assaulting them. Several victims spoke in court against Buck, saying they were homeless and looking for a place to rest when Buck took advantage of them.

Despite prosecutors presenting evidence, Buck’s attorneys will argue that there wasn’t enough to support his conviction. Victim attorneys say they doubt the motion will be granted.