LGBT centers in Michigan are experiencing harassment, and two LGBT candidates won the election in Alaska.

After Colorado Shooting, Detroit LGBT Communities Are Being Targeted

Since the targeted shooting at an LGBT club in Colorado, Detroit, Michigan LGBT centers have been experiencing harassment.

"We've always been aware of people like us being assaulted. LGBT people have a long history of being a targeted group of people," said A. Nzee Kwabena, executive director of LGBT Detroit.

The organization filed a police report when they experienced a threat after someone vandalized their sign.

Dave Garcia, executive director of Affirmations LGBTQ+ Community Center says that they’ve received multiple threatening phone calls and protesters.

"We just had someone call and said they were friends with the Parkland shooter, and we're on the way to affirmations and so having to close the building for that and deal with those types of threats is something that, unfortunately, we were becoming a little too accustomed too," Garcia said to CBS News.



Two LGBT Candidates Win for the First time In Alaska


Andrew Gray and Jennie Armstrong. Photos via Facebook.

Alaskan Democrat Andrew Gray and Jennie Armstrong are the first LGBT people to become state House Representatives in Alaska’s history.

Gray spoke to Alaska Public Media about his win still not feeling believable.

“There’s been meetings and phone calls and trying to figure out where I’m going to live. And thinking about staff to hire,” Gray said. “And all of that has been stressors that I was not expecting and that have continued to prevent me from sleeping well at night.”

However, Armstrong has not had the most seamless win.

Armstrong found trouble when a lawsuit was brought that she was too young to represent her district but the judge threw it out.

During her campaign, Armstrong found it imperative to be open about her pansexuality.

“For me, I really believe that when folks feel fully self-expressed and can be who they are, and feel safe and seen and heard and loved, that those are not just nice ideas, but they’re connected to a thriving economy,” she said.