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CPS workers are resigning because of the anti-trans law in Texas, and police have arrested a suspect for the arson attack on a gay bar in New York.

Texas Governor’s Anti-Trans Law Has CPS Workers Resigning

Child Protective Services worker and trans man Kelly Morgan Davis put in his two weeks' notice after being morally unable to turn in families with trans children.

“All we do is protect children, that’s all we’re supposed to do. And then we’re genuinely on a path to hurt and, or terrify families,” he told KXAN. This comes after Feb. 22 when Gov. Greg Abbott wrote a letter that doctors and parents who seek out trans healthcare options will face investigation.

Davis said since the directive, caseworkers in Travis County are now seeing 34-45 cases at a time where previously it was roughly 15. “You have caseworkers calling in sick just because they need a break,” Davis said, according to KXAN.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton previous wrote on Feb.18 a 13-page legal opinion on his website, that there were trans procedures that would constitute child abuse and in a statement defending his letter he said he’d “do everything he can to protect against those who take advantage of and harm young Texans.”

Suspect Charged in Arson Attack on Gay Bar


Screenshot from the surveillance footage of the arson suspect. Courtesy of NYPD.

On April 15 John Lhota has been charged for setting fire to a gay club in New York City. The suspect is also being charged with “strangulation, assault and harassment” according to the Advocate.

Everyone was able to evacuate the premises, although two were escorted to the hospital for their injuries. The fire and police departments were on the scene for an hour trying to wipe out the flames.

“Last night before the party started, someone came into our bar, poured gasoline on the floor causing an explosion that set the bar in flames. He was wearing a dark hoodie and a backpack and immediately ran from the scene. Everyone inside made it out, but two people were brought to the hospital and are in stable condition,” the club wrote in an Instagram post.

The post shows Lhota with a gasoline canister being spilled over the club floor while he smokes a cigarette. At first attempt, he is unable to light the fire when throwing the cigarette butts and later throws his lighter instead to start the fire.