This week read about Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert making transphobic remarks on Twitter, and queer teens in Illinois having their own very prom.

Congresswoman Tweets Anti-LGBT ‘Jokes’

After the leaked draft of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert took to Twitter to express her feelings about the news that would allow abortion laws to be handled at the state level.

“Seems the Left suddenly can define ‘woman’ again,” Boebert said in a tweet according to the Advocate.

The Republican representative also antagonized trans men in a different tweet asking where the “pregnant men” outrage was.

Boebert began her tweets with a passage from Joshua 1:9 that she directed to the five Supreme Court Justices that voted to overturn Roe v. Wade saying “the pressure they’re under is unimaginable.”

This is not the first time Boebert has made transphobic remarks. In 2021, she introduced legislation that would rid research surrounding puberty blockers for trans youth. The bill failed.

“Using psychologically vulnerable children as lab rats for testing the puberty-blocking drugs used in chemical castration procedures for sex offenders, medically unnecessary mastectomies, irreversible hormone treatment, life-altering sterilization procedures, and genital mutilation is wrong,” Boebert said in a press release.

Queer Teens Have Their Own Prom


Photo via Adobe.

Fox River Valley, Illinois’ Queer Prom sold out with 100 people attending the event. The event was held at Mixology Salon Spa and sponsored by Fox Valley Pride Organization.

“They can be open about who they are, especially since this is a Queer Prom. They can enunciate the fact that they’re queer, whereas at school you don’t dress up, you don’t act in a certain way, you just live your life,” a teen who chose to conceal his name because he has not come out to his parents told WBEZ.

Conversations flowed as teens exchanged similar experiences they’ve had with bullying at school to whether the extended time in pandemic quarantine made it harder or easier to find acceptance as LGBT youth, according to WBEZ.

People in attendance ranged from teens who identified as part of the LGBT community, supporters, or teens who were still figuring out who they were.

“That’s why I love a place like this, because I am completely open to being whoever I want, and nobody is going to assume anything about me,” Al Meier said.