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This week read about an actress hinting that she might be gay, an upcoming singer coming out via a song, and a renowned magician dying from cancer.

 Is Brie Larson Gay?

Brie Larson may have just hinted to her fans about her sexuality.

In a recent YouTube video that Larson posted, she answers some questions online. One of them asking “How her 10-year-old self would be spending an hour-long recess break at school,” and Brie casually picks the answer that says “I'd probably be on the computer library researching 'how do I know if I'm gay?’” according to

The video post has her fans freaking out, and what’s a better way to accentuate the fact that your favorite superhero might be gay than to start posting memes on Twitter?

Now while she hasn’t officially confirmed her sexuality, that doesn't keep her fans from wanting more of Larson.

Maybe it has to do something with her breaking off her engagement with musician Alex Greenwald in 2019? No one officially knows.




A New Bisexual Anthem


Mad Tsai. Photo via Facebook.

Listen up pop music fanatics! There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Mad Tsai.

He is an upcoming singer/songwriter. Many know him from TikTok, but don’t be surprised if you hear him on the radio in the future.

Tsai released his track “Boy Bi,” on Dec. 3. This song may as well be the new bisexual national anthem of the year.

Tsai wrote in an Instagram post for his release, “I wrote ‘boy bi’ in five minutes without thinking about how much it would change both my life and your guys’ lives, and I’m incredibly thankful for you guys for being so patient and supportive of my music.”

Tsai even came out to his mom as bisexual, by having her listen to the song. The heartwarming TikTok video has over three million views.

Siegfried Fischbacher Dies at 80


Roy Horn (left) and Siegfried Fischbacher with their white lion. Credit: Carol M. Highsmith, via public domain.

On Jan. 15, renowned magician Siegfried Fischbacher passed away.

According to Pink News, “Fischbacher reportedly had a malignant tumor removed during an operation, but sadly cancer had already spread throughout his body.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that Fischbacher died Wednesday at his home from pancreatic cancer according to publicist Dave Kirvin of Kirvin Doak Communications.

Although the passing of the famous magician was undoubtedly sad, his sister Dolores Fischbacher, was relieved to see him pass away peacefully.

"He fell asleep gently and peacefully," Dolores said. She said that he was barely able to speak any words by the end of his life.

Fischbacher’s death came just a few months after his partner, Roy Horn, Pink News noted. Horn had passed away on May 8, 2020 from complications with COVID-19.

Fischbacher told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper, that “his best friend would always stay by his side,” The Philadelphia Inquirer said.

Fischbacher and Horns' story goes back in time before the big stages and the big smoke and mirrors. The two met on a cruise ship, where Fischbacher was then putting on magic shows. The two began their legendary career where they eventually moved to the night scene over in Europe. It was here that their lives would be changed forever, Pink News said. The couple helped inspire people such as Joe Exotic with the usage of their white tigers.