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A bar in Indiana is undergoing training after the Colorado Springs mass shooting, and a non-binary official's background is called into question by LGBT leaders.

LGBT Bar Closes for Team Training Since Colorado Springs Shooting

Downtown Olly’s, a popular LGBT bar in Indianapolis, Indiana, has closed in order for its team to undergo safety training.

"We want to really focus on training with our staff about safety and security," said Adam Goble, General Manager of Downtown Olly’s, to WRTV. "I want to make sure even our kitchen is here [and] third shift can attend. There are times when everybody had to step out to squash a situation."

Staff received help with their training from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) mainly focused on de-escalation.

“Goble said that he hopes his team leaves the training not afraid of what might happen but feeling better prepared,” reported WRTV. “He said the goal is to get other LGBTQ venues like Metro and Greg’s to work together to put these trainings together frequently throughout the year.”

The Department of Homeland Security recently released a statement that LGBT people are at high risk of terrorist attacks.



Sam Brinton's LGBT Background Raises Concerns


Photo via Facebook.

President Biden’s first non-binary official, Sam Brinton, who uses they/them pronouns, has their past being called into question by fellow LGBT leaders.

“In a piece published by the outlet LGBTQ Nation, prominent LGBTQ activist Wayne Besen examined Brinton's longstanding claims of being subjected to anti-gay conversion therapy as a youth, posing the question to readers, ‘Is Sam Brinton’s story too good to be true?’" reports Fox News.

Brinton has previously shared their experience that took place during conversion therapy.

"The reason for Brinton’s scarcity had to do with two simple questions I had asked them: ‘Who was your conversion therapist, and in which facility did the therapy occur?’ This basic inquiry was critically important for two reasons. First, to share Brinton’s story, we had to verify if it was true. Second, Brinton’s testimony involved a torture center where hideous abuses were presumably still occurring against children at least as young as 11. If such a place existed, there was a moral imperative to rapidly identify the abusive therapist and contact the authorities to stop the atrocities," Besen wrote.

Brinton is currently on leave for other incidents.