This week read about Kaitlyn Weaver coming out as queer, the online concert Roaring Rainbow raising money for organizations that support transgender children, and Michele Rayner-Goolsby hoping to become Florida’s first out woman in Congress.

Olympic Ice Dancer Comes Out

Kaitlyn Weaver, a Canadian ice dancer, came out in an emotional Instagram post this week.

“Over the last year, with a lot of time to think, feel, and connect with myself, I’ve come to a place of acceptance. I identify as queer woman and this is something I’ve known for a long time but was not ready to face,” she wrote in her caption.

Weaver feared that coming out would negatively affect her ice dancing career, but ultimately decided that she wanted to share her identity with the world.

“I’m shaking writing this message, but knowing that I’m moving in a loving, authentic, and compassionate way feels right. You all know me — I follow my heart, and that always leads me to the right place. I’m ready to move forward living, loving, and being honest with all of my identity,” she wrote.



Roaring Rainbow Online Concert Helps Trans Kids


The Roaring Rainbow. Art by Teylor Smirl.

This past weekend, the Doubleclicks hosted an online concert called Roaring Rainbow where 100% of proceeds went to Trans Families and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

“Trans kids are already extremely vulnerable, and these laws, and the publicity around them, is a direct and terrible attack on their joy, their lives, and their futures,” the official Roaring Rainbow website said about the new laws against transgender youth.

LGBT musicians and performers played short sets during the concert for those who bought tickets. Online concerts have been a popular method for musicians recently due to the pandemic.

The fundraising event featured Rebecca Sugar, Jeffrey Marsh, SuperKnova, more.

The event was sponsored by eight organizations such as Play Out and Film Joy.

Though the concert has passed, there are posters and shirts available for purchase for those who want to help the cause.

Michele Rayner-Goolsby Aims to Become Florida’s First Out Lesbian in Congress


Michele Rayner-Goolsby. Photo via Facebook.

Currently, Michele Rayner-Goolsby is the only lesbian in the Florida legislature and she hopes to become Florida’s first out woman in Congress.

“Representation matters. I understand that when you show up as your full self in all the identities that you embody, you’re able to legislate from a place that’s more fully representative of all people. When we legislate for the least of these, or we legislate for those that are the most marginalized, we open doors for everybody,” she said to the Advocate.

Rayner-Goolsby wants to change the dynamic in the south and in the United States.

“I show up as a Black queer Southern woman,” she said. “I think that all of those identities that I embody need to be present because that’s what America looks like. America is not a monolith.”

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