Nora Roberts saved a Michigan library after it was defunded over LGBT books, and a Virginia school board voted to have required background checks for trans students to use their preferred bathrooms.

Best-Selling Author Saves Library Defunded Over LGBT Books

A Michigan public library was defunded over the LGBT publications on its shelves, but donations from around the world, including from best-selling author Nora Roberts, have given it new hope. 

At the beginning of August, the west Michigan town voted against the tax on property owners that contributed to 84% of Patmos Library’s annual budget, according to Bridge Michigan. The campaign to end the tax was organized by community members upset by the library’s LGBTQ-themed novels, including the graphic novel “Gender Queer: A Memoir.” 

The Patmos Library Director resigned last spring after being harassed with accusations of indoctrinating and grooming children, and her replacement resigned shortly after.

A GoFundMe was launched to help the library and has since raised more than the library’s annual budget of $245,000. Roberts, author of more than 225 romance novels, contributed $50,000.

With funds secured for the next year, the library said it will focus on campaigning to get public funding back in the November election.

Background Checks Required for Trans Students to Use Preferred Bathrooms


Photo via Adobe Stock.

A Virginia County School Board voted in favor of a policy that will require transgender students to submit a written request and supporting documents to school administration for access to facilities that align with their identities.

The policy calls for criminal history as well as a diagnosis for gender dysphoria and written support from the student’s parents.

An amendment was suggested by board member Hundley to strike what he referred to as the “criminal background check,” but when it failed to pass, Hundley cast his vote in support of the unrevised policy.

In an interview with Richmond Times-Dispatch, School Board Chair John Axselle said, “If I’m gonna be letting a biological male or female [use their preferred facilities,] I would want to make sure that we know ahead of time that they don’t have any ulterior intent.”