This week read about a "9-1-1 Lone Star" actor coming out as bisexual, Pixar getting ready to cast their first transgender character, and a lesbian author releasing a memoir about finding her true strength.

‘9-1-1: Lonestar’ Actor Comes Out as Bisexual

Ronen Rubinstein came out as bisexual during an interview with Variety.

“I fully identify as bisexual,” he said. “I literally just got goosebumps saying that. It feels so good to talk about it, it feels so good to finally be comfortable with it.”

Rubinstein discussed how embracing his true identity had been a long journey. He feared backlash from his community, which he described as unaccepting.

“The biggest thing for me is where I come from, it’s like people like me and people who have identified as bisexual or gay or as any part of the community, you’re just not welcomed. It’s as brutally honest as that,” he said.

After gaining confidence through the support of his show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy and his girlfriend Jessica Parker Kennedy, Rubinstein came out.

“I want people to know that this is a hopeful and a happy story,” he told Variety. “I want people to know that they’re not alone and it’s definitely okay. Trust me, I know that it is not easy. My path has not been easy at all, but it’s just one more thing that I can share with people to help them and let them know that I’m here for them.”

Pixar Prepares to Cast Their First Trans Character


Photo via Facebook.

New Pixar character Jess is kind, funny, and loyal — and you could voice her.

Trans March tweeted the news that Pixar was searching for a voice actress to voice a 14-year-old trans girl on April 20. The tweet gained lots of traction with more than 32,000 likes and 13,500 retweets.

Twitter users voiced their opinions on the announcement, with most stating that they hope a trans girl is cast as the character.

“Don't really know what ‘can authentically portray a 14-year-old transgender girl’ means but I hope they actually hire a trans actress,” a Twitter user wrote.

The announcement is noteworthy because Jess is Pixar’s first transgender character.

The name of the project has not been revealed yet, nor have any other details.

Alison Bechdel Opens Up About Her New Book


Alison Bechdel. Photo by Chase Elliott Clark, Wikimedia Commons.

Lesbian author Alison Bechdel is known for her moving graphic memoirs that tell stories from her life. She has now released her newest addition — the first since 2012.

“The Secret to Superhuman Strength” came out on May 4. The book follows Bechdel through her life as she goes on a quest to find her strength.

“I thought I would just do a light, fun book about my exercise life. It turned out not to be so light or so fun after all, but rather very complicated,” she said to LGBTQ Nation.

Bechdel dives into deeper issues such as self-doubt and intimacy in her latest graphic memoir before explaining how she came to find her true strength.

“Real strength is accepting our vulnerability, accepting the ways we depend on each other and meet each other, and I think that’s been really vividly demonstrated in this pandemic, just how really interconnected we all are,” she said.

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