This week read about fans mourning the death of SOPHIE, "The Walking Dead" team defending their gay storyline against homophobes, and clubgoers dancing to Lady Gaga's "Chromatica" in Australia.

 SOPHIE Fans Usher Out Tributes for the Trans Icon

Transgender pop icon SOPHIE passed away Jan. 30 in Athens, Greece.

A statement was released by SOPHIE's representatives who confirmed with that the Scottish musician had indeed passed away.

“It is with profound sadness that I have to inform you that musician and producer SOPHIE passed away this morning around 4 a.m. in Athens, where the artist had been living, following a sudden accident,” SOPHIE’s team told

SOPHIE’s experimental sound of voice modulation and groundbreaking pop production will forever be in the hearts of her fans.

“SOPHIE was a pioneer of a new sound, one of the most influential artists in the last decade. Not only for ingenious production and creativity but also for the message and visibility that was achieved. An icon of liberation," reported.

SOPHIE came out as a trans woman in 2017.



‘The Walking Dead’ Shuts Down Haters for Their Gay Storyline


Jelani Alladin & Nico Tortorella. Credit: AMC.

“The Walking Dead’s” new spinoff, “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” hasn't sat too well with homophobes.

This spinoff follows security guard Felix Carlucci (Nico Tortorella) and his boyfriend Will Campbell, (Jelani Alladin) through the trials and tribulations of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

In response to the homophobic backlash, “The Walking Dead” team took to Twitter and posted, “Hi, hello. If LGBTQ+ characters on television [or anywhere] make you uncomfortable or angry, please unfollow us. While we also encourage you to look within and be more accepting, know that there is no place in our fandom for hateful discrimination or willful ignorance. Thank you.”

This didn't stop the internet trolls however, one Twitter user wrote back, “Series was worth watching while the story was the most important aspect of it ... now is identity politics and belittling fans, no wonder viewership is low, keep using the same formula and go broke.”

Australians Can’t Stop Bumping Lady Gaga's ‘Chromatica’


Lady Gaga. Photo via Facebook.

Ever since Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album release, “Chromatica,” back in May, everyone was forced to listen to the pop star's new album in the comfort of their own room.

Nine months later and everything is pretty much the same in the states, but over in Australia, people are turning in their pajama pants for something a little more snazzy for the club.

In a recent Twitter post, Gaga, who identifies as bisexual, said, “GOODBYE COVID HELLO DANCING happy for Australia! Praying for the rest of the world that we all can be dancing together soon.”

According to a tweet on an article by, Australia has managed to stay “COVID free,” meaning many “monsters” living in Australia are making their way from their living room to the dance floor. noted that, “A video of clubgoers dancing to Gaga's ‘Replay’ has gone viral after Mother Monster shared it on Twitter.” People outside of Australia commented, “This hurts.” “I can't wait to dance to it at a party,” said another. “Imagining people in my mind [is] getting hard," shared.

However, this Twitter user may have jumped the gun. While the Western Pacific part of the world has the lowest COVID-19 cases, according to, the total number of cases is 1,420,027. With 28,811 total cases in Australia alone according to, it seems as if COVID-19 hasn't officially left the building yet.

Although everyone is wanting COVID-19 to leave its overstayed welcome, it's still best to take precautions.