This week read about Eva making a point that you don't have to wear a dress to be a woman, a former Buzzfeed employee releasing a book discussing mental health, and the queer teacher who was behind Bernie Sanders' iconic mittens.

Trans Lesbian Claps Back at Haters with Viral Twitter Video

As a trans lesbian, Eva has gotten used to transphobic comments. She stated in a video on Twitter that the one that sticks out most to her is “Wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.”

In response to this claim, Eva acts confused and changes her outfit multiple times to wear everything but a dress. She sports tank tops, sweaters, jeans, suit jackets, and even a bra under a blazer.

She wears a dress once in the video and says, “OK well this one’s kinda cute.”

Her video shows people that you don’t have to wear a dress to be a woman. You can be a woman and dress in any way that you please. Eva’s point: gender identity is not limited to clothing.




Bisexual Entertainer Talks About Mental Health in New Book


Kelsey Darragh. Photo via Facebook.

Former Buzzfeed employee Kelsey Darragh has released a book titled “Don’t F*cking Panic,” which discusses alcoholism, mental illness, and how to empower yourself.

“The purpose of it being a workbook is to empower the reader to know that they are the person that can, quote-unquote, fix themselves. And, spoiler alert, the book teaches you that it’s not about fixing anything,” Darragh said.

Darragh recently celebrated being one year sober and touches upon her experiences in her book.

She also suffers from a rare nerve condition called trigeminal neuralgia, which she plans on writing about in her next book.

Though she never saw herself becoming an author, Darragh says that she loves it and is looking forward to publishing her next book.

Queer Teacher was the Artist Behind Bernie Sanders’ Iconic Mittens


Jen Ellis. Photo courtesy of Jen Ellis.

Bernie Sanders was spotted at President Biden’s inauguration sporting brown and white knit mittens. A photo of Sanders sitting in a folding chair with his arms crossed quickly became a popular meme.

What the internet didn’t know was that queer schoolteacher Jen Ellis made the mittens herself.

The mittens are completely eco-friendly as they are made out of discarded wool sweaters, fleece made of recycled plastic bottles, and thrifted thread.

Ellis reflected on her initial thoughts of seeing her mittens on Sanders in an interview for Slate.

“As soon as I walked in the door, my partner was like, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’ We don’t watch TV — we’re intentionally a non-TV family — but we had taken the TV out of the closet so that our daughter could watch the inauguration,” she said.

As she peered closer at Sanders, she noticed the familiar mittens.

“The camera zoomed right in on him and I was like, ‘There he is, he’s wearing my mittens.’ I was completely surprised, delighted and flattered,” Ellis said.

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