This week read about Dax seeking a home after being abandoned for coming out in Oklahoma, and a Missouri teacher resigning after complaints of hanging a Pride flag in his classroom.

Teen Abandoned After Coming Out Seeks Forever Home

A queer Oklahoma teen is looking for a new forever home after their adoptive parents of seven years gave them back to foster care.

“It was nice, but then they like — they started not loving me anymore for who I was, being LGBTQ,” 16-year-old Dax said.

According to LGBTQ+ Nation, Dax is now looking for their forever home. They hope that they will be adopted by a same-sex couple or a couple who is understanding of different queer identities.

Dax said they look forward to going out and doing activities as a family like road trips and bowling. They also love raising chickens and going to school.

“Give me a chance,” Dax told Oklahoma City's NBC affiliate. “I’m open-minded. I care about a lot of different kinds of people.”




Missouri Teacher Quits After Pride Flag Complaints


 The Pride flag. SFGN file photo.

A Missouri junior high school teacher was told he needed to take down the Pride flag in his classroom and sign a letter stating that he would not discuss human sexuality or gender with the students. Instead, he resigned.

John Wallis, 22, said the flag accompanied a sign that read, “In This Classroom, EVERYONE Is Welcome” so his students at Neosho Junior High in southwest Missouri would know he was there to help them.

The Huffpost reported that Wallis was initially advised not to display the items in the classroom if they were not prohibited. However, he did remove the sign and flag after he was informed about parent complaints.

When students asked him why they were removed, Wallis reportedly said, “If you have a problem with the flag representing me, or students who identify as LGBTQ+, then you can probably find a different class.”

The school received more complaints from parents.

After that, Wallis said he was told to either sign a letter saying he will keep his “personal agenda on sexuality” out of the classroom or risk being fired.

Wallis then resigned and said he has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.