A Kansas teacher won a lawsuit after being suspended for not respecting a student's pronouns, and schools are encouraged to discriminate against trans students in Louisiana.

Teacher Refuses to Respect Student’s Pronouns, Wins $95k in Lawsuit Over Suspension

A Kansas teacher sued her school district over her suspension for purposefully misgendering a student and reached a settlement for $95,000.

Pamela Ricard had been informed by a school counselor at Fort Riley Middle School and the student’s classmate that he preferred an alternate name and he/him pronouns. The lawsuit states that Ricard referred to him as “Miss [last name]” to respect the student while staying true to her religious beliefs, according to NBC News.

She received a three-day suspension. 

After her return, Geary County Schools implemented policies that employees must respect students’ preferred pronouns and that they should not disclose that information to their parents without the student’s permission. 

Now, after the lawsuit, the status of these policies remains unclear.



Schools Encouraged to Continue Discriminatory Treatment of Trans Students


Photo by Karollyne Hubert via Unsplash.

Louisiana’s State Superintendent of Education has instructed school administrators to ignore federally proposed protections for trans students at this time.

In June, the Biden administration released proposed changes to Title IX Regulations, which included protection from discrimination for LGBT students.

State Superintendent Brumley reacted by sending a letter to school and athletic administrators stating that they are not required to abide by the proposed federal regulations. Louisiana had recently enacted “The Fairness in Women’s Sports Acts,” a law requiring that students of all ages participate in sports based on their sex assigned at birth.

In July, following the announcement of the potential changes to Title IX, Brumley wrote to Biden officials asking if his disregard for the new regulations would impact Louisiana’s funding, according to LGBTQ Nation

“I don’t think it is appropriate for biological males to be in the little girls' bathrooms,” Brumley said at the time.